Many of you like me will have lost a pet,

and that grief is hard, they really do take a piece of your heart with them.

Im not going to talk to you about grief and how to deal with it - thats not what this is.

I have always been arty as my family would say, and in 2017 I got to go to Edinburgh and learn with a couple of lovely people how to do castings, so make an exact replica of something and make a plaster (usually) copy of it.

So anything from dog paws, baby hands and feet to couples hands and a family group can be done.

In 2019 I lost my first dog Buster, but luckily for me I had previously done a cast of his leg and paw so I always have a part of him with me, as well as his ashes now too.

But this could be done for birthdays, anniversaries, christmas gifts, adoptions the list is endless.

Each item is hand finished, and can be left white, or painted and in case of dogs can be coloured to match fur colours if you wish.

Can be mounted on to wood plinth, in a frame or just left the choice is yours.

Prices start from £55 for a single plain paw.

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