In Home or Salon -               The choice is yours or start in home and progress to the Salon if you wish

Peppa working cocker

In Home Set up

The grooming process starts at home - with you the guardians, and I can help you with tips and guidance on what to do and how to do, Simple exercises so you both enjoy the process.

It doesn't have to be done all at once, and if your dog is struggling then I would suggest to do little bits

When we arrange an appointment we can discuss where you are with your grooming needs, you might not need any help and of course that is fine too, there is no right or wrong and no judgement here. 

You can have an in home appointment, or can come to the Salon at Stowlangtoft.

In home I cover from Stowmarket to Cambridge and Skegness (usually at least once a month)

Attention To Detail
Always Prepared
Expert Service

Once your appointment is arranged, If we decide that you would prefer an home visit, All I need from you is somewhere I can bathe your pet, a bath or shower and then a space i can set up my table and I am ready to go.  I have my own shampoos and conditioners to help clean and nourish your dogs coats, a highly absorbent towel to help remove moisture from their coat before using a high powered dryer to aid in drying them efficiently

I can bring my portable bath and water setup if that would make it easier for you along with my portable grooming table with restraint for safety, a range of scissors, clipper blades, combs, brushes or stripping knives all available to help get your pet looking their best.

If you need and they will allow nails will be clipped or that might be something we need to work on. 

Fragrance spritz can be added if you require.

Remove the worry and stress about your pets grooming. 

You can always start off by having me come to your home so you can see how well your pooch copes and we can take it from there,  In home works well for those that don't travel well or have bad separation anxiety.

You can come to the salon and we can work their, the choice is yours, we can also do a desensitisation session check out the lavender package.