Lavendar Calm

Do you know how many dogs actually enjoy going to the groomers?

How many of you included the groomers as part of your socialisation routines?

You might be one of the people that doesn't worry about it - they need a haircut their going to the groomers! Thats ok, Im not talking to you.

For those that have to deal with the dog that dribbles on the journey to and probably from the groomers, that pulls on the lead to go away from the place, that doesn't like being away from you, has developed any form of separation anxiety over lockdown, that is really unhappy when they get home and it takes them a while to be their usual selfs.  Im talking to you!

There is another way, but you have to be willing to do the work as well, Myself as the groomer can do a lot but if their is no back up at home then it really is for nothing because if they only come every 6 or 8 weeks that is a long time for them to remember without help at home, just like brushing you need to do in between grooms otherwise they get knotty and matted.
Still here?  Good.......

Introducing my Lavender Calm package - Four step signature system to help your dog with their grooming needs. If you know what they are worried by we can start their or we go right back to the beginning to start with:-

We arrange a time for you to come and visit the salon, no pressure on the dog we want to set them up to enjoy their experience.

They are free to come in and have an explore round, there will be different items for them to smell step on and investigate and treats to find to aid with it being a positive visit. Guardians are recommended to stay during this initial visit, and we can then discuss what steps need to be taken going forward. 

Complete package of 4 sessions £120 with the last session to be a groom if the dog has reached that stage.

Step one - ideally two small sessions on one day one in the morning and one at the end of the day, so make sure you have time when we arrange this. This sets the dog up with positive associations.

Step two - we build on the positives from the previous sessions and see which areas need work and find some handy hints/tips to help us work with your dog.

Step Three - May just be a repeat of step two depending on how well your dog is coping with it and how well the homework has been progressing.

Step Four - Hopefully the groundwork has been laid and homework completed and we have a calm dog ready to have a groom.  

This offer of £120 is a limited time offer so call now now before the price like the heat increases. 

Freedom day is just around the corner, you might be ready but is your dog?