What is Assumed

  • The dog is healthy

  • The coat is good condition and knot free.

  • The dog will have had a walk and done their business before we start

  • The dog will be free from fleas and ticks

What is included

  • I come to you, and your dog is groomed in their home environment.

  • No worries about travelling or being crated in a salon

  • Bathed in a good quality dog shampoo

  • Coat dried appropriately to type

  • Styled to your requirements

  • Nails Trimmed

  • Ears Cleaned

  • A Spritz of doggy perfume

  • Kindness, caring and cuddles for your pet

  • Advice on how to care or maintain coats in between grooms

Why choose me?

  • I am constantly investing in my training and developemnt

  • Take pride in the grooms that I do

  • I treat each pet as an individual, no prejudging and work with them to make them feel comfortable.

  • Always put the dogs welfare first

  • I have been trained in both pet and human first aid

  • I use positive reinforcements with the dogs to make them feel comfortable

  • I am fully insured and have been working with dogs for the past 6 years.

Matted dogs - or Fleas & Ticks

Whilst it is never nice for the dog to be matted, as the tighter the matts get it pulls on their skin, so it is kinder to shave the fur off and start again.

Because the fur is so close to the skin, the process takes longer as I have to take more time, so this incurs an extra charge.

Also fleas or ticks can be dealt with but again are chargeable.

£5.00 additional charge to be applied 

unless severe matting then costs will be discussed

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