Pet Sitting

Are you worried about going away for a night or something longer?

Don't want to put your beloved pet(s) into kennels/Cattery?

Worried how they will be without you there? 

What about your house, do you worry that it looks un-lived in whilst your away, mail piling up, plants dyeing due to lack of water potentially giving an invite to uninvited guests?

Why not let them stay at home?


Get a pet sitter - I come and stay at your house so your pets 

aren't disrupted in their routines and still have all their things near by, and as well as looking after them, the house is lived in providing added security in your absence.

What you get:- A meet and greet is a must I can come and meet you all and we can discuss what you need as everyone is different and each sit is tailored to you. Dogs walked on leads, let off only in the garden, bedtime stories, treats to be given or not given. 

A typical package usually consists of the following as a basic, Dogs will be walked at least twice a day this can be altered if you have a different routine, length can be agreed on at meet and greet. They will be fed when you usually feed them and with the amount they should have.  I can  play with them and give them mental stimualtion and can even help continue any training that you have started and  of course they will get love and attention.

You can have updates sent to you if you wish, photos or just messages to reassure you while you are away. 

So the added advantage of your pets staying at home, and having a sitter in is that your house still appears lived in, deterring any opportunistic burglars.

Lights turned on, and off,  Curtains opened and closed, just like when you are at home.  Your  mail is  brought in,  plants can be watered, Bins put our ready for collection.

The house is left clean and tidy ready for your return, with happy healthy pets who will be pleased to see you and no extra journey to go and fetch them.

If you would like a small shop can be done ready for your return milk and bread  and any other essentials 

How much would you pay for peace of mind while you relax and de-stress from the worries of your 9-5 life.


Prices start from £60.00 per 24hr period for 2 dogs

Multi- pet households can be catered for, small furries, fish, Chickens?

This equates to £2.50 per hour  WOW !. Where else can you get that level of care  from a pet professional, fully insured. Compare this to doggy daycares who charge from £2.75 to £3.09 per hour and this is only for 10 hours max.