Good Foundations

Whilst your busy socialising your dog with all the things he needs to get used to. Have you thought about their grooming needs?

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Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Lavender Calm

Do your dog worry about going to the groomers? Get's them self into a state and takes ages to settle when home......

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Brushing Dog's Teeth

Doggy Kisses

Fed up of that bad doggy odour? Plaque building up?    You don't have to suffer....

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Cuddling Buddies

Going Away?

Worrying about what to do with your pets while you go away for a night or longer?

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Fur ever Together

Imortalize your pet furever! paw casts, baby hands and feets, adult hands can also be done

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Licking Cat

Purrfect Puss

Struggling with mats? fur everywhere but the cat? Cat coughing up Fur balls? 

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