How can you tell when your dog is stressed? Three common signs that your dog might be stress are:-

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excessive panting


very vocal


Lip Licking

  Dogs have many different ways to display how they feel, including when they are feeling stressed, above are just 3 examples, and it is up to us as groomers and you as guardians to be able to read their language and to help put them at ease.

  Sometimes their body language is very subtle and easy to miss, but they will often have several different indicators to help us.

    As a groomer when dogs start displaying any of these signs it can mean that they are not enjoying the process and if we miss or ignore these signs this is when the dog gets really stressed/worried and may cause them to bite which is never a good outcome. 

   This also can have a negative impact on home life, when they come home because they have got themselves so worried it takes them time to calm down when they are home and this can result in them being grumpy with other members of their family. 

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