Cat Grooming

While people tend to think that cat's groom themselves, this isn't strictly true.  Cats lick themselves, and this can be the cause of hairballs, so most longhaired cats would benefit from regular grooming.

They can be given a bath because their coats can be greasy,  before being dried and combed out, this will also help with the amount of hair being shed thereby reducing the hairballs the cat 'throws' up.  Also when people say they are allergic to cats, it might only be they are allergic to the dander of cats, so getting the cat on a regular grooming schedule can reduce the amount of dander and help with the allergy.

I can offer anything from a de-sheding service where your cat is given a good brush through to remove any dead coat, shaving to remove mats, nail clipping, dry baths, sanitary clip, panel clip, matt removal. 

Prices start from £60

Why are cats expensive to groom?

Cats are totally different to groom from dogs, and anyone who owns one would appreciate that they can be very fickle, Different handling techniques are needed. They come with their own set of sharp knives and quick temper. They have thin skin, and are totally different to grooming dogs, they are more specialised. Not every groomer wants to tackle cat grooming and for those that do. Their time and skill are a chargeable commodity.  Try doing it yourself and then ask yourself was it not worth paying a professional? If you want to pay Aldi or Lidl prices you don't shop in Waitrose or Marks and Spencer do you? 


Prior to Allison’s visit I was trying to tease knots out of Dottie and considering taking the scissors to her out of desperation.

I was turned away from numerous groomers who only deal with dogs and the vet said even minor matting would require an anaesthetic.

I stumbled across Allison’s website whilst trawling the internet for grooming tips before I attempted the dematting job myself!

After a telephone chat Allison arranged to visit me at my home at a mutually convenient time.

Allison was very punctual and friendly and on arrival trimmed Dottie’s claws first and I’m so glad she did! Dottie is a very timid cat but was not keen on certain areas being groomed and clipped .... she put up a very good fight but luckily I managed to keep hold of her .... just.

Allison did an excellent job of chatting and consoling Dottie. She clipped the matted areas and groomed everywhere to ensure all excess fur was removed and Dottie looked beautiful.

Allison is very polite,  friendly and knowledgeable and I highly recommend her. I just hope Dottie is more polite next time!


Hayley Horner