This is me with Sophie the toy poodle 

Are you looking for a quality Dog Groomer you can depend on? Well, look no further.


My name is Allison and I run Allison & Your Best Friend dog grooming service.  


I am a fully qualified groomer having completed my diploma last year whilst still working (grooming) and am also going through the process of getting qualified through the IPG, which is an internationally recognised qualification in dog grooming, currently I am entitle to have CPG after my name which means I am a Certified Professional Groomer, I have two more stages (several more exams) before I would become a master groomer.

I feel its nice to be continually learning and using your knowledge and skills and i am often doing extra courses that I think may benefit myself or my clients. I have attended behavioural courses, Tellington Touch courses, to help nervous dogs as well as Human and Pet First Aid courses.

It is especially rewarding when my passion, and compassion comes across and I can help someone that thinks their dog is going to be a nightmare but working on on one in their one home, certainly does have advantages, we can take our time, give the dog a break, so they don't get so stressed and can take that little bit more time building trust and report with them before we start and also during the grooming process. 


Not all dogs are going to enjoy it to the point that they look forward to seeing the groomer, but hopefully I can make it so they are co-operative during the groom.